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Tutorial: How to use audios for my textbooks?

19Mai15:3016:00Tutorial: How to use audios for my textbooks?Digital Education Week / Woche der digitalen Bildung

Digital Education Week

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Audios are an integral part of every language course but also very useful for musical education or even biology. However, there are some specifics on how to use them in an optimized way for smartphones and tablets. Especially for the use case of Mobile Learning, it is no longer possible to play 4min long audios in one take. TikTok, a huge trend for students and young adults, e.g., limits the length of its videos to one minute to keep them engaging. Doing this, they achieve to keep their users on their platform for a record-setting time! This tutorial will show you how you can still use your longer audios and convert them into exciting and engaging exercises – just like TikTok videos!

Language: English

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