Our vision

We want to create a world in which

  • teachers can teach more efficiently
  • students enjoy learning, enjoy practicing, even enjoy doing their homework, and in the best case do not even notice that they are learning
  • knowledge is embedded without consciously sitting down to learn
  • students want to learn on their own
  • students learn more efficiently
  • social learning and disadvantaged students are encouraged
  • students motivate each other
  • teachers are relieved of repetitive tasks and thus have more time to deal with individual students.

Our mission

We want to transform learning with mobile blended learning. Our mobile blended learning solution is designed to make every book, subject, and course stand out with a more efficient and engaging way of learning and teaching.

We want to meet young people where they are and make learning mobile. We want to take advantage of the 21st century technology opportunities and combine them with the traditional classroom to make teaching more delightful and efficient.

Our product

We offer a serious learning and teaching companion for the whole school year in the form of an entertaining quiz app.

eSquirrel stands for…

the future of education today

eSquirrel makes learning contemporary and meets children and young people where they are. eSquirrel uses the technological possibilities of the 21st century and combines them with the traditional classroom for a more engaging and efficient teaching experience. With eSquirrel, no one has to wait for the future of education. eSquirrel enables it today, despite the current infrastructure in schools and sets new standards.

efficient, practical teaching with learning success

eSquirrel has been designed, tested, evaluated and improved with teachers and students in practice. This makes eSquirrel a competent tool that can be used efficiently in the classroom, is continuously developed and ensures learning success. eSquirrel also offers reliable support, as well as webinars and explanatory videos.

eSquirrel is easy and immediately applicable to the textbook and subject, so that learning and teaching can be done with only one app and one platform for all subjects (also offline).

have fun while learning and teaching

eSquirrel promotes fun learning and enables students to learn without realizing it through gamification. Through a reward system, eSquirrel promotes the repetition of learning content and links this with self-determined learning.

eSquirrel also offers teachers an entertaining platform that is popular in face-to-face teaching, but also in distance and blended learning.

Quality and reliability

eSquirrel guarantees high quality course content that is constantly expanded, updated and improved with competent and experienced authors and educators.

eSquirrel offers a fail-safe teaching and learning platform that can be used in the classroom without hesitation, is strictly GDPR compliant and also provides a stable teaching and learning environment for millions of users.

Affordable and equal opportunities for all

eSquirrel is an affordable, and in some cases free, product that is accessible to anyone and everyone and can run on older devices. So learners don’t need the latest smartphone to use eSquirrel. eSquirrel works on smartphones and tablets, as well as via the web browser on any device. eSquirrel is not financed by advertising or by sharing customer data.