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… for 100% more fun and success in learning and teaching!

✔️ Makes learning and teaching more effective.

✔️ Motivates students in a fun way.

✔️ Makes everyday teaching easier for teachers.

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Learning platform & learning app

With eSquirrel you have everything you need for interactive teaching and digital learning. With our learning platform and app, you can teach in line with many textbooks from elementary to high school – all the way to higher education, university, and vocational schools.


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The perfect teaching and learning companion for the entire school year!

eSquirrel for teachers

eSquirrel provides youwith valuable digital learning materials to complement existing textbooks. As a teacher or course instructor you can also create your own learning materials, helping you to support your students’ learning activities in creative and effective ways. Other useful features for teachers:

✔️create exciting quiz tasks and save time

✔️use 1-click homework assessments and learning analytic

✔️available offline for students

The learning platform offers both students and teachers numerous invaluable advantages. It has been certified by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research in Austria with the “Learning Apps” seal of approval and is recommended from 2nd grade elementary school to the highschool, university, and vocational schools.

eSquirrel for students

With eSquirrel, you can motivate your students to learn in a fun way through quizzes and rankings – the joy of learning is maintained throughout the school year through a constant sense of achievement. We offer a high variety of courses from math, German, English, chemistry and many other subjects – eSquirrel makes textbooks playable!

Use our learning content and materials from the following subjects

Teaching in compliance with the GDPR

eSquirrel pays close attention to compliance with the GDPRso that the platform can be used in the classroom without hesitation.

Log in to the eSquirrel-App with a username. This makes it easy for every student to keep their identity private and parents don’t need to worry about data privacy. For students under 14 (16) years old, the app requires the consent of both the user and his/her parents (depending on the EU country).

eSquirrel – the learning App

With the eSquirrel learning app, students can repeat, deepen, practice, and apply the required learning content and homework offline whenever and wherever they want.

✔️ Use the eSquirrel-App to learn on the go – whenever you want! You can do all that with the eSquirrel learning app.

✔️ No use of mobile data – the eSquirrel-App is available offline! Use the eSquirrel learning app.

✔️ Use the eSquirrel-App to review your learning material before every exam. The learning app is perfect for this.

Quickly installed, ready to use anytime, anywhere.

To use the learning app, all you need to do is set it up on your smartphone or tablet. It is available for iOS and Android in the respective app store and can be installed with just one click. To access the more than 350,000 tasks, regardless of time or location, all you need to do is create an account and get the relevant access authorization – that’s it! Once you are logged in, you can access your learning content whenever and wherever you want, regardless of your learning environment.

Install the eSquirrel app now!

eSquirrel Webinars

Free webinars & training with eSquirrel

Meet eSquirrel and the team on our webinars. Go behind the scenes of the teaching and learning platform and see how classroom content comes to life digitally and interactively in a live demonstration.

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🏅 Our Awards and Certifications 🏅

Comenius EduMedia

Comenius EduMedia Certification,Comenius Award, June 2021.

Startup World Cup

Category Winners of Work & EduTech East,Austrian Angel Investors Association, May 2021


TOP 100 Start-Ups Austria 2020,Wirtschaftsmagazin GEWINN, November 2020.

TOP 100 Start-Ups Austria 2019,Wirtschaftsmagazin GEWINN, November 2019

Europe EdTech 200

Europe EdTech 200 , November 2022

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FaQs: eSquirrel learning platform and learning app

eSquirrel compliments schoolbooks with digital learning material, that is much more fun, and interactive and allows students to challenge themselves in a playful way. In addition, teachers and course instructors save time by not having to laboriously correct homework or tests. They gain profound insight into the knowledge level of their students and thus improve their teaching efficiently and sustainably.

The learning fascination eSquirrel inspires students and makes everyday learning easier for teachers with cleverly prepared digital learning material for textbooks or their own learning materials.

eSquirrel offers teachers and students numerous features – from image and audio learning material to comprehensive analyses and evaluations.

All features can be found here.

eSquirrel provides all the tools kids, teens and students need for a positive classroom experience. E-books, mobile apps, and powerful learning tools are available in an easy-to-manage interface that fits any curriculum – from elementary school to adult education!

✔️ With eSquirrel, students can learn anytime, anywhere.

✔️ They can use leaderboards to compare their learning progress with that of their peers.

✔️ The learning content is taught in a playful way and anchored in long-term memory through constant repetition.

With eSquirrel, you have everything you need to teach digitally. Use our or your own teaching materials to create interactive and engaging lessons that align with curricula – from lower elementary through secondary to high school and college!

✔️ You can create exciting quiz assignments.

✔️ You use 1-click homework assessments and learning analytics.

✔️ You always have an eye on the learning progress of your students.

Yes, eSquirrel pays close attention to compliance with the GDPR.

Downloading the learning app via Google Play or Apple Store is free for everyone, as is using the learning platform for teachers. Some learning contents are free, while others require licenses to be purchased. Self-created learning content is always free. You can find more information on the Katalog.

No, students can complete all tasks using their smartphone or tablet – whether at home, at school, or on the road. However, it is also possible to practice the learning content in any web browser.

No. Students can use eSquirrel with a nickname. Teachers require a mail address or phone number to create an account.

Depending on whether you choose the email address or phone number, you will need it afterward to log in to your account.

Do you have any other questions? Then visit our FAQ.