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With eSquirrel you have everything you need for your lessons. You will learn according to your textbooks starting from primary school to university.

You can learn with eSquirrel anytime and anywhere you like. The best part, you can never forget your textbook!

Pass exams and collect acorns

Complete quests

To successfully complete a learning unit – a so-called quest – every question must be answered correctly once.

Continue playing levels

By repeating quests at different times, students strengthen their skills and gain confidence in their abilities.

Digital hand raising

Students can ask questions about quests. You will receive answers in class or by e-mail.

Track the Leaderboard

Students can compare themselves with the best 33% of the class and see their own place.

Your learning companion for the entire school year

eSquirrel contains courses for common textbooks, for German, English, Mathematics, Biology, entrance tests for medical studies and many more.

Answer quiz questions and collect acorns for the winter

An eSquirrel course is divided into quests each consisting of up to 10 questions. Embark on a quest by answering questions and thereby collecting acorns. But beware: A quest cannot be completed in passing! You can only complete it if you have answered each question correctly once. Don’t worry: We will help you!

If you complete a quest successfully for the first time, you will have made it to the Bronze level. Increase the value of your acorns even more by moving to a higher level with every quest. Did you make it to the silver level yet?

High-quality learning materials on your smartphone

You don’t need to have your textbook with you, you can simply answer quiz questions whenever and wherever you want. Our questions are mobile optimized. They fit comfortably on a smartphone and can usually be solved without any tools.

Time-delayed repetition

Every child knows that you learn by repeating. According to the principle of β€œspaced repetitionsβ€œ, you only repeat when you are in danger of forgetting the knowledge. The more often you repeat, the longer these intervals become. This is how you transfer knowledge into yourΒ long-term memory – without getting bored.

Do you belong to the best?

In the ranking list, you see yourself and the TOP 33% of your classmates. If you are not assigned to a teacher, you are compared to all other students who also practice independently of a teacher. Are you among the best?Β 

Numerous features

Thanks to the numerous features of eSquirrel you will learn efficiently and sustainably.

  • 8 question formats
  • Include audio files, explanatory videos and algebraic expressions
  • Track your own learning progress
  • E-Book always with you
  • and much more

You decide where you use eSquirrel:

Our clients and partners

The app is very helpful for mathematics, especially the explanatory videos are well done. You have a very large selection of exercises that you can use as preparation for the high school diploma in math and other subjects.
Linus G.

Really great app! If you want to learn something, the app really helps a lot. Everything works fine and there are many topics and different chapters.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Christoph W.

I think it is a good app!!! I am a student myself and especially now in this Corona crisis I think it’s a great app.

Elisa S.