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How to provide digital material in a blended learning app

24Mär15:0016:00How to provide digital material in a blended learning app🌍 Webinar for publishers

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Lockdown and school shutdowns have raised awareness for digital learning, for it has become indispensable in our educational system.

eSquirrel is the learning portal & quiz app matching your textbooks and learning materials. With your professional expertise and our years of experience in digital and mobile learning, we will be able to optimize the learning and teaching experience for our mutual customers.

Therefore eSquirrel is offering a free Webinar especially for publishers. You will learn about the benefits for each party and take a look behind the scenes of eSquirrel.

We will take a look at the following topics:

– how can eSquirrel help you increase the value of your textbooks
– how does teaching and learning with eSquirrel work
– how you can use eSquirrel as a marketing channel

You will not be able to attend the Webinar? No worries, just give me a short notice and I will send you the training materials.


(Mittwoch) 15:00 - 16:00(GMT+01:00) Ansicht in meiner Zeit

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Katharina Westreicher

Consultant for strategic partnerships at eSquirrel

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