Thank you for visiting our Digital Education Week!

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In our week of digital education, you and your colleagues experienced first hand how digitization becomes a learning fascination.

Together we traveled to the classroom of the future. Thank you for joining us!

You are inspired now and want to talk about more details? Feel free to contact us.

Program review

We offered:

  • Virtual Lectures
  • Practical experiences
  • Coffee talks with experts from the digital education sector
  • Live demos
  • Networking with (textbook) publishers from all over Europe
  • One-on-one consultations

One-on-one meetings with experts

You could not attend the Digital Education Week? Book your individual consultation meeting as before!

Theresa Stingeder, BA

Director of Marketing & Sales | EdTech strategist

Focus: Publishers United Kingdom, digitalisation of onboarding & further education in enterprises

Daniela Roitner, BA

Consultant for strategic partnerships | Expert on digital transformation

Focus: Publishing houses in AustriaGermanyNorway & the Netherlands as well as digital training in companies.

Katharina Westreicher

Consultant for strategic partnerships | Educator of german studies and physics

Focus: Publishing houses in AustriaGermanyFinland & the United Kingom as well as digital training in companies.

Stéphane Jacquet

Consultant for strategic partnerships | Expert on digitization measures

Focus: Publishers France & Spain and digital training in French and Spanish companies

This was the program of the Digital Education Week

Mai, 2021

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