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Coffee talk: An ebook is no digital innovation

18Mai15:0015:30Coffee talk: An ebook is no digital innovationDigital Education Week / Woche der digitalen Bildung

Digital Education Week

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The game has changed fundamentally for businesses: without digitalisation, companies will no longer remain economically competitive in the long term. That is something entrepreneurs agree on. In order to be prepared in time for the changes in society, physical products were therefore transferred directly into the digital. Videocassettes became YouTube videos. Books became PDFs or even e-book readers. Unfortunately, innovative solutions have often fallen by the wayside due to the rapid conversions. Digitisation can do so much more than making physical products digitally available. Now it is up to all of us to develop strategies and structures to achieve meaningful digital opportunities. Use this Coffee Talk to discuss developments in your company or publishing house and be inspired to break new ground.

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  • Theresa Stingeder

    Theresa Stingeder

    Director of Marketing & Sales, EdTech-strategist

    Director of Marketing & Sales, EdTech-strategist