eSquirrel goes first international conference

Michael Maurer, founder of eSquirrel, presented the peadagogical concept behind the eSquirrel method at the “8th International Conference on Open and Distance Learning” in Athens last week. “We believe in the Blended of Blended Learning, as well in the Mobile of Mobile Learning,” Michael explained. “What makes the concept behind eSquirrel so unique is that […]

eSquirrel presents live demo at eEducation2015

eSquirrel is preparing for their first conference appearance. eSquirrel will present their pedagogical blended learning concept at the Austrian eEducation 2015 summer conference on the beautiful “Schulschiff”, literally on the Danube river. Founder Michael Maurer and  school book author Markus Wittberger will do a bring your own device live demo of the eSquirrel Android app. […]